3D Architecture Visualization and Rendering Services

Premium cost-effective architectural 3D rendering and visualization services

NK-3D provides exceptional and advanced services that cover a broad spectrum of visualization solutions.


Exterior Visualization

Our Exterior Visualization services enhance your marketing efforts, giving potential buyers an accurate and realistic view of the property. Based on your plans, we can create an exterior view, a bird's eye view, or a photomontage for your real estate visualizations. Depending on your preferences, we can craft an impressive rendering that captures the essence of your project. We can also include a 3D model of the building to give the viewer an idea of how it looks in the real world. We can also provide a rendered video walkthrough of the property, so potential buyers can get a better idea of the space. 
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Interior Visualization

3D visualization in interior design is now indispensable in real estate marketing. Our Interior Visualization team is happy to comply with your wishes and ideas for your interior design or real estate project. Our Interior Visualization makes a significant contribution to marketing success not just in the planning phase; we also provide support throughout all phases of the project.
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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality saves time and money by not building model homes. The almost endless possibilities provide you and your clients total freedom of design while simplifying communication and workflow between different work steps. Words and descriptions become real worlds in the 360-degree tour. 
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2D/3D Floor Plan

Our designers would be happy to design meaningful 3D visualization floor plans according to your specifications. In addition, your customers can get a clear overview of your property with a 3D visualization floor plan. To ensure that your clients have a clear understanding of your property, this visual representation of your property will provide your customers with an organized and comprehensive view.
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Product Visualization

Get the best  3D Product Visualization from us! Each client receives a customized quote from us to accommodate their unique project budget, needs, and specifications. Our team creates products without a camera in a 3D environment with a range of colors and finishes.
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