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NK3D is a 3D rendering agency that has been creating top-quality 3D visualizations for companies worldwide for over fifteen years.

We offer a range of 3D rendering services, including 3D architectural visualizations, virtual 360-degree tours, and 3D product visualizations.

Our team of experienced 3D artists is happy to work with you to create high-quality 3D images that meet your specific requirements. You can get an impression of our work through our portfolio on this website. If you would like to learn more about our 3D rendering services, we are available via email, contact form, or phone.

The Product Portfolio

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Real Estate Visualization

As professionals in real estate visualizations, we create your exterior view, bird's-eye view or photomontage individually according to your plans. Get to know our real estate visualizations and see for yourself!

Interior Visualization

We extensively address your desires and ideas for the interior visualization of your real estate projects. Just share your ideas with us, we look forward to implementing them.

Virtual Reality

Give your clients the opportunity to truly experience your property! With a 360-degree tour, you can turn property listings into experiences. This makes it easier for your clients to make a decision.

Product Visualization

The perfect solution for photographing products that don't exist yet or difficult objects. Even if the environment doesn't cooperate or the product isn't photogenic, there is an alternative.


Here's when 3D visualizations become useful

3D visualization is an amazing tool for designers, architects, product developers, and those involved in construction.

It allows you to view your project from every angle without being limited by space or budget!

With photorealistic graphics that are highly detailed, remarkably realistic virtual models can be created, allowing for greater interactivity between members of the design/construction team, potential buyers and your sales team during the design process.

Who benefits from our 3D visualizations?


No matter how much effort you put into your exposé, if the image on Immoscout and Co. does not impress, nobody will engage with your content. Selling your existing properties and new projects will run more smoothly and quickly with attractive visualizations. Additionally, our high-quality architectural visualizations secure you the next client interested in selling their property, impressed by your images and real estate videos.


Whether it's property development, building construction, or infrastructure projects, your investors, colleagues in the relevant authorities, and clients will want to know what the result of your project will look like as soon as possible. Whether it's a simple interior or exterior visualization as an image, a real estate video from a bird's eye view or even a virtual tour with VR glasses – we help your stakeholders understand your property and the idea behind your project. In this way, you secure the approval of banks, authorities, and, of course, short-term sales.


Model homes, house planning, or individual design for a single homeowner – an emotionally visual of a appealing single-family home convinces your private clients. If a client looks at the planning of your home model before a virtual tour, it will be easier for them to decide on your house. The decision for or against a house is made in a matter of seconds. So the image of your house should stand out from the crowd. We make sure your real estate is remembered!


Convince your clients of your ideas! The better the quality of your visualization, the easier it is to inspire your clients. With our help for your upcoming project, you can focus on the essentials: the design and planning of the building. Your design will look sophisticated and high-quality, all while presenting convincing image and video material of your project.


Hard to imagine that this dilapidated building could become a wonderful home? With our visualizations, you can overcome this hurdle with your clients. In addition, changes and plans can be discussed optimally based on a representation of the finished living, vacation or commercial unit. We not only provide visualizations for you but also offer the possibility to change colors, materials, furniture, and much more.


You love your property so much that you would like to have an artistic visualization of it to call your own? You want to share your ideas with your friends or family? We would be happy to create attractive images of rooms and details in your property. Look forward to wonderful representations of your living or business spaces!


Visualizations are essential for planning your hotel project! You can also convince your future guests with photorealistic visualizations of your hotel rooms, spa area, or other amenities in your hotel. With 360° virtual tours, you can show your clients in advance how beautifully and impressive your facilities are designed.

Event Locations

Your clients are confused about the options you offer on your website? Some of your customers lack spatial imagination? With our virtual tours, 3D tours, and visualizations, you can present your clients with the various possibilities for designing their event location live. This way, you create compelling arguments why you should get the contract for the upcoming event ahead of your competitors.


We are happy to support your agency as a powerful and timely working team behind your label. Our experienced staff will be the ideal addition to your team. You save yourself lengthy learning processes, the hiring of additional personnel for this area of expertise, and can flexibly respond to requests for the creation of visualizations of all kinds.


Advantages of 3D visualization

3D visualizations are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a more interactive view than traditional photos.

Efficient Customer Service

A good visualization says more than 1,000 words, descriptions, and even photos. With architectural visualizations, your clients know what your project will look like. You spend significantly less time explaining the property to your prospects and traying to convince them.

By using 360° tours or virtual 3D visualizations, you save numerous viewing appointments and focus on the relevant clients.

Your benefits: you work more efficiently because you…

1. don’t need to convince your customers of the property anymore,

2. avoid property tourists at viewings with 360° tours, and

3. can focus on the essentials.

Higher demand and better sales

The first impression of a house, apartment, or your real estate project is crucial in the decision-making process. It is at this stage that you can truly make an emotional impact. Don't miss out on this opportunity! With our visualizations, you become one of the candidates for your client’s buying decision.

Your sales advantage summarized:

1. Visualizations can emotionally inspire clients

2. You gain trust from your clients due to high-quality presentation

3. More projects due to more demand and faster sales


The photographer is booked, the builders are convinced after weeks of back and forth. Unfortunately, it's raining on the day of the shoot.

You spend a lot of time producing advertising materials. Architectural visualizations are uncomplicated: No coordination with builders/buyers, no unfinished outdoor areas or houses in the surroundings to disrupt the shoot, the weather doesn't mess up your plans, and so on!

Your advantage is that you save time and money in the production of advertising materials with our visualizations. Aerial views and flyovers can be created with little effort in architectural visualizations. Changes and more perspectives desired later? No problem – for some of them, we only need a few hours of work.

Your benefits in advertising:

1. Independence from weather conditions, approval from builders, etc.

2. Free design of the house and its surroundings in the visualization

3. Changes to the 3D visualization are easy


Whether you're selling your properties as a real estate agent, developer, or construction company, the visual representation of your property is the first impression that your customers will have of you. Show your property in a tasteful and appealing style, allowing for positive inferences about your company.

Your prospects will see you as a reputable and high-quality real estate provider, giving you a vote of confidence and making them more likely to buy your apartment or house.

1. High-quality presentation enhances your image

2. Differentiate yourself from competitors with optimal property representation

 3. Earn a vote of confidence from your prospects


One of the advantages of this type of visual representation is that you and your potential clients can see all the details, making it easier to try out new things or consider what would work best in their personal space.

Additionally, you won't have any difficulty accessing information about product dimensions and making changes as you can adapt elements freely in the virtual world, just like on a blank piece of paper.

Here's how your 3D visualization is created in our agency

The process of creating your 3D visualizations revolves around your ideas and your property. Depending on your preferences, we plan, draw and design the visualizations for your house or apartment in close consultation and with regular feedback loops, or, if you want to leave the creative part to us, according to our own tastes.

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