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About NK-3D: Who we are

Nodar Kobrava

Hello and welcome to my website! I'm Nodar, and I've been passionate about 3D since my early years. My love for sketching, interior design, and a touch of architectural education created the perfect blend for me to unleash my creativity.

Over a twenty years ago, I began freelancing in my home country, Georgia. I focused on 3D modeling, visualization, and animations for product design. I also assisted and taught Master's students of art academy creating 3D animations.

Later, I moved to London and collaborated with talented interior designers, TV show makers, and construction companies. Most of my work involved creating 3D visualizations for interior scenes.

After relocating to Aachen, Germany, I expanded my collaborations to include interior designers, architects, and product designers from Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Later I decided to dive deeper into architectural projects to gain a comprehensive understanding of the 3D requirements for such endeavours. 

I spent six years full time at Casademont Architecten, where I honed my skills and experienced the pressures and joys of working in a competitive architectural environment. Together with our talented team of architects, we won numerous competition projects, with 3D visuals playing a pivotal role.

At Casademont Architecten, I was responsible for 3D modeling and visualizations for various projects, from beauty salons and shops to spa areas for the Aachen based cosmetic company "Babor." Also residential and commercial projects, including hotels and restaurants.

Since 2017, I've been fully committed to my own business, where I built a highly talented team to which I’m very proud of. Our team consists of 3D artists with diverse professional backgrounds from past in photography, filmmaking, graphic design, marketing, and the music industry. This collective experience makes us a strong team ready to take on any challenge in our industry.

We offer a range of services, including 3D modeling and visualizations, 3D animations, 360-degree VR tours. Our clients come from various fields, including interior designers, architects, real estate companies, and product designers. You can find a list of our clients below.

  • If you are interior design and it's difficult to convince your client that your design is not only practical but also beautiful which fulfills client’s wishes, and it's difficult to explain with technical drawings, material mood boards and basic 3D visuals,
  • if you have real estate, which needs outstanding presentations with 3D visuals, animation or 360 tour for marketing which is very important these days, to sell property in short time,
  • if you are architect and want to convince your client that your design is simply the best, but again, client can’t understand technical drawings,
  • if you are product designer, with beautiful concept design of your new product, but not sure if market will love this, so you need a presentations like 3D visuals, animations, product configurator, to study the market, before you spend money to produce this product

then you are on a right place, we're eager to hear about your projects. Let's connect and collaborate to create something beautiful together.


Nodar Kobrava

Our clients

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for numerous companies in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, and the USA. You can see a selection of our clients here

Wilms AG

Atomis b.v.

Satelliet Meubelen b.v.

HTN Immobilien Management GmbH

Cris van Amsterdam

Eric Kuster Metropolitan luxury

Kaizen Furniture Makers Ltd

AUREA Massivhaus UG


Imogent GmbH

OCM Immobilien GmbH

M2Format GmbH

Van Ancumhoogendoorn B.V.

Design Haus Architecture

S&D Furniture



TETRAGON developments GmbH & Co. KG

F2 Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

CERMADO Marketing GbR

Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling B.V.

SNP Projektbau GmbH



Brix Vastgoed b.v.


Casademont Architekten

DEVENTER Planungsgesellschaft mbH

MF design Studio

Südpark Aachen Immobilien

Landmarken AG

Springfield Private Foundation

SZI design

GKD mbh

Caribbean Concepts B.V.


Frederica Monaco LLC

Holmeo GmbH

Contemporary House and Garden


P&P Immobilien UG

MY VIVENDA International B.V.

KRIC Beheer B.V.

Amiran Simhy Interieurarchitect bni


Cadolto Fertiggebäude GmbH

mkc-Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft e.G.

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