360 Virtual Reality

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360 Virtual Reality Tour for Your Clients

Property development is an extensive process and VR tours are there to bring more value to it. Virtual reality tours are a great tool to showcase your vision to the investor. Accessibility to the property before it’s built brings a big advantage for the client to engage. As a result, it allows them to change the interior and see the outcome using fewer resources. The focal point of the NK-3D team is in details like the clients’ preferences including decorative styles or designer furniture.

VR Tours Are a Powerful Selling Tool

Time efficiency is one of the greatest benefits of using virtual reality tours. By providing your client with the VR tour, you save time for a personal visit before the final decision. If the client is happy with what they see, they will likely proceed with further steps.


 Adapt VR Tour to Your Device

The flexibility of 360 Virtual Reality tours is a major advantage. If your client is more likely to open the mobile VR tour, we have you covered. There are many other ways to experience VR tours such as using a VR headset, tablet, or desktop. NK-3D team will help you identify the most useful adaptation of the tour.

Advantages of Virtual Tours

  • Engaging and convincing clients
  • Avoid viewings and save time
  • Reach remote clients
  • Better Google ranking for your website
  • Better brand image through a high-quality presentation

VR Tours Processes

  • VR headset, mobile phone, tablet, desktop, etc.
  • Website, real estate portals, and social media
  • Trade fairs, model home visits, etc.
  • Sales pitches with clients
  • Higher sales due to increased demand

VR Tours Processes

The duration of the creation process is always unique to each project. However, it usually takes between 4 and 10 days.

The process of optimization

We convert all 3D models from high poly to low poly. As a result, VR requires high quality, and every detail must be appropriate to please the customer.

The creation procedure

We already know exactly what to include in 360 Virtual Reality Tour and how it should appear at this point. Also, we are developing a VR application that is interactive. Our programmers use C ++ and Unreal Engine 4 to complete it. Then, our designers, and 3D artists integrate all of the work as they write the code.

Presentation of the VR to the customer

We demonstrate the application's functionality in less-than-ideal detail so that the viewer can focus on the application's core functionality. When the client has tested the application, we add effects, animations, and interactive elements before finishing the quality and detail. We also carry out additional tasks that the client has requested separately, such as changing the facades in the kitchen if he has one. For instance, the client might have a residential complex and want the ability for users to move dynamically to different locations within it.

Save Money And Time With Our VR Tour Service

Use virtual reality to give your customers a real sense of space. With the same information it takes to create 360° virtual tours and interior renderings, rooms take on a whole new dimension, giving a true sensation of the depth and magnitude of the entire project. Through the use of state-of-the-art VR technology, projects look and feel like never before.

Check out more examples of our 3D Renderings

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