3D Exterior and Interior Visualizations – English Countryside Villa

3D exterior visualization English Countryside Villa

Our 3D agency was trusted with visualizing this marvelous villa in the English countryside, showing its pristine surroundings as well as its open space interior.

Visible from all around the house, the garden area offers relaxation and revitalization with complete outdoor equipment including an outdoor swimming pool, gym and kitchen. Another rainy day in England? No problem, just hop into the indoor pool and enjoy the sound of rain hitting the roof window.

This project follows strict guidelines for the smooth integration of the house into the landscape. Based on the architect's plans, we made a detailed 3D visualization of the villa from the ground up. With our renderings, we ensured that all requirements were met in terms of lighting, orientation and dimensions.

The villa, designed as a seasonal home with plenty of room for guests, welcomes you with a majestic staircase reflecting symmetry and balance. Further down the path, a classical piano guides you to the large living area. To your right, the modern kitchen is equipped for cooking with company, and to your left, the dining area is all set for a generous meal.


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